Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kindle Flamer Sherman Alexie

Sherman Alexie - the author that stated he hates Amazon and Kindle owners so much that when he saw a lady reading a Kindle on the airplane, he wanted to hit her with it?
Well, he tried to explain his remarks, and, (IMHO) threw more dirt out of his hole than into it - the deeper to bury himself.

Here's my response to Mr.Kindle Flamer:

What a hypocrite.
If Sherman had bothered educating himself on the Kindle, he'd discover that people are purchasing and reading more books than ever before. He'd discover that the Kindle is enabling people who are paralyzed, people who have vision and hearing challenges, the awesome opportunity to enjoy reading again.
Amazon discounts books - Amazon's numbers are increasing while all major publishers numbers are decreasing - and why is that? Because publishers refuse to change with the times. The only greed I see is coming out of the Avenue of the Americas.
And Sherman trying to put the spin on his negative comments by his concern about 'poor' kids - and yet, nowhere on Sherman's website (as of 7:32 a.m. on June 3rd 2009) is there any place to donate books or money to a worthy childs cause.
And since when is up to Amazon to make sure every child is not left behind w/o a Kindle.
Sherman claimed "Oh, I had to submit to eBook rights, I have no other author allies."
Guess what Sherman. You did NOT have to submit. It's a free country.
I doubt we would be reading the headlines "Author killed by gunshot to the head after refusing to sign eBook rights in his publishing contract."
If you really despise Amazon that much, you should have refused to sign a contract unless your publisher agreed to not sell your books on Amazon.
So, let me get this straight, you hate Amazon, but you're happy to take the money you make from the sales of your books from them, yes?
Any true lover of books and reading would be championing every opportunity for books to be sold. Independents, Retail, Online, eBooks, audio, etc.
The true elitist is Sherman, who feels that books should only be sold one way - his way.