Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey, let's really screw our new author!

Hi Kaleb,

I read a recent article about your publisher and agent deciding that NOT releasing an ebook when the hard back is released.

I'm an active member of the Amazon Boycott eBooks over 9.99 Board and so in love with my Kindle that I created a website devoted to eBooks that are priced accordingly (it cost pennies to produce, if that!).

I'd love to hear why you think they are looking out for your best it your goal to make a boatload of money or establish new readers and reach as wide an audience as possible?

Regardless, much luck to you. And I look foward to the far, far away eBook release...

Here's an interesting article -

A small publisher is holding back on the eBook release (for a year) for a brand new author.

So, here we have an author trying to build a following...and a platform to market his book (that cost nothing - no overhead). We've seen that *free* kindle eBooks often lead to readers discovering a new author and buying his/her other books.

So this publishing company decides to hold off on an ebook because they want to make profits on the hardback.

IF you read the article, both the agent for the author and a publisher states it's all about the money.

It SHOULD be all about building the authors fan base (which leads to profits in the big picture). Paulo Coelho?

It's really no wonder that publishers are laying off people left and right and closing whole divisions. They oughta try reading a few marketing/business books.

Might I suggest you shoot the agent and publisher an email to let them know that, as a Kindle owner, they are losing a potential sale, and a potential fan?

Richard Curtis: Agent

And, of course, no email for the publisher (why give a platform for customers to contact them? It's not about customers, is it?).

However, there is a blog featuring the story link about the refusal to release the can post your thoughts...for the whole world to see. I did.

And, here's the author email...I've written to him and wished him much success and told him I was disappointed that his small publisher is costing him potential sales, and hope that when his contract us up, he will consider signing with a publisher that cares more about his career and reaching out and establishing new readers than they do about making a quick buck.

Something to think about anyway.